Steps We Will Take During the Closing Process:

When it's time to close your Origin Home, you will need to meet with your lawyer. With them, you will sign all the appropriate paper work in person to make the deal official.

Step 1. Set the Buying Process in Motion

Your Real Estate Agent will need to forward a copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to your lawyer.

Step 2. Inspect the Home

Home inspections are extremely important. While conducting your PDI be sure to ask questions and get to know your new home. No question is silly!

Step 3. Getting ready for Closing

Once you have signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale you should contact your Lawyer to inquire as to the process for Closing.

Step 4. Final Closing

Your Lawyer will meet with you prior to closing and will advise as to final steps for Closing.

Now the Closing date has arrived. On this date upon successful completion of final closing the keys can be released.

Step 5. Welcome Home!

Congratulations! You are a Homeowner now! Time to celebrate! Owning your new home is one of the best feelings ever. It can't be described in words. A new

house brings new special moments, security and happiness.