Everything we do is centred around a central philosophy of trust that we build into every home.

A Foundation of Trust.

We believe that the homes we build should not only benefit our homeowners, but also the greater neighbourhood that they are part of. By creating great multi-family homes that respond to the needs of the neighbourhood, and designing them be a cohesive part of the community, we strive to contribute to our city, and create solutions that will benefit the generations to come.

Our homes are founded on the philosophy that they are more than just somewhere to live.

We believe our homes are special places that will be part of our homeowners’ lives. Places where they will start relationships, where they will raise their children, and welcome grandchildren. By creating homes that add meaning and value to the lives of our homeowners, we believe we can build a stronger future for everyone.

Origin Homes is The Smart Choice



Location is key! That’s why we ensure that all of our building lots are in developments that will fit your lifestyle.



We take numerous steps during the construction phase to ensure that imperfections don’t arise.



Purchasing a new Origin Home comes with unmatched value. We include many upgrades at no additional cost.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is guided by a set of values that form the foundation of what we do. It’s a philosophy that is centred around four principles that we build into every home and community we develop:


Our success is measured by the confidence of our customers, clients, and partners. Therefore, our top priority is to ensure we continually meet or exceed their expectations and remain worthy of their trust.


We pride ourselves on leading and supporting positive change, responding to new trends in development practices, incorporating new technologies and emerging advancements in building sciences, and are committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable developments.


We believe that each of our project teams are our finest asset. We continue to recruit, foster and retain the highest calibre individuals who exemplify our corporate philosophy. In addition to our in-house team of experts, Origin Homes works with industry leading consultants and specialized real estate professionals to ensure each and every one of our projects is brought from conception to completion successfully.


To standout and be successful in any business, it takes immense pride and passion. At Origin Homes, we take pride in our work, we love what we do, and we utilize this obsession to bring high-quality homes to London and area communities.